Welcome to my part-portfolio, part-scrapbook website

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3D modelling | data visualisation | interactive interfaces | creative coding


My name is Jelena. This is my part-scrapbook, part portfolio-website.

I have an MA in Humanities (literature, art history, philosophy, gender studies) and a MAS in Museology and Heritage Conservation. Since 2013, I have worked in a cultural and museum environment and participated in strategic discussions on knowledge transmission through new mediums, co-curated various exhibitions, working on both content and form to transform data and information into narration with the aim to convey knowledge and a meaningful experience through storytelling to a broad audience. I recently discovered the wondrous world of creative coding and since have been exploring its possibilities to show and display realities in a new and refreshing way. I hope that you will find some of it interesting.

I am looking forward to hearing from you, so please don’t hesitate to say hello

Connect ideas in a new way.

Connect ways in a new idea.


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infographics | timelines | explainers | data visualisation | 3D modelling & creative coding