golden flowers on black background with a polygonal facetted glass lantern illuminating them


2022, personal project, Vevey, Switzerland


Image editing / 3D procedural modelling / Rendering / Animation & video

Many thanks to the Blender community and Crossmind Studio for ideas and guidance for this project.



Waking marigolds is a blitz-short film entirely created and animated in Blender, and post-edited in HitFilm Express.

All the elements (flowers, stalks, the gem sphere) were created procedurally using Blender’s geometry nodes, which allow for non-destructive modelling, making the creative process much more open to experimentation and exploration of various interactions between elements.

The whole animation revolves around two concepts. The first one is geometry instancing. It means using one geometry’s vertices or faces layout as the structure on which other geometry will be repeated. Here, a human figure was used as the base mesh for spreading the flowers.

The second one is geometry proximity. This opens up the possibility of interaction between different elements – in this case, the stalks and flowers grow and move progressively as the distance between them and the orb shortens.

The animation sequences were rendered in Cycles, and assembled and post-edited in HitFilm Express.