k67 kiosk red and yellow, made in Blender


2022, personal project, Vevey, Switzerland


Idea / Image editing / 3D procedural modelling / Rendering / Animation & video

Many thanks to the Blender community for guidance in this project.

Credits: Floor textures by the talented BlenderKit contributors / Spaceship models by SpaceshipGeneratorBrutalist soldiers: original head model by VistaPrime (here heavily altered and decimated).




Brutalism, Blenderised! is my current project inspired by post-WW2 Yugoslav brutalist architecture. As a child born in the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia in the late 70s, the K67 kiosk was part of my daily landscape, buying chewing gum, bus tickets, ice cream or comic books. As for the commemorative monuments, I visited a few on school field trips and they have been an integral part of my iconographic and conceptual horizon ever since.

This project aims to resuscitate a few brutalist architectural structures, using them as the primary source of inspiration yet placing them in an unusual setting, with a dystopian or sci-fi twist.

The modelling and rendering is entirely done in Blender and relies heavily on the geometry nodes to speed up and enhance the creative process.

This page will grow as the project progresses and new structures are created.