spotify cover of episode 5 of the tell me podcast by the Alimentarium


2020, Alimentarium food museum, Vevey, Switzerland (and all the staff’s various homes!)


Original idea / Scripting / Recording / Audio editing / Publishing


The “Tell me” and the “Grain de sel” (Grain of salt) podcasts were a Covid initiative, federating various Museum’s staff to come together despite each one of us being secluded at home. Guides, curators, chefs worked together to script and record with their smartphones various sections. I gathered all the pieces, edited them together and turned them into podcast episodes. The original idea is based on children’s questions that are often hard to answer, such as “Why bananas are curved?”, “Why sometimes do I still want to eat even if I am not hungry?”, or “Who invented cordial?”

The little green character is Yamy, the protagonist of one of the Museum’s first serious games destined to teach to children the basics of a balanced diet. It was a no-brainer to use him for the podcast graphics as he already was well-known and loved by our underage visitors.

Interactive pdfs with hand-drawn illustrations were added to the podcasts as a visual support for children. The illustrations were enhanced with URL links to related content on the Museum’s website, allowing the readers to learn more about the subject if they wanted to.


detail of an infographic drawing for children explaining why onions makes us cry when we chop them